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e-Daftar is an application for new taxpayers to register their tax files and to get their tax reference no.

Steps for individual application:

Check....Have you registered and have an income tax file?

1. Please complete this online registration form.

2. Please upload your application together with the following document:

2.1 Passport for non-citizen who does not carry on business.       

2.2 Business registration certificate for Malaysian citizen who carries on business.

2.3 Passport and business registration certificate for non-citizen who carries on business.

3. Check the application status using the application no.
    Example of application number (will be given after online registration form     has been received).

     Example : Passport Document
Upload your identification documents. Kindly take note :
1. Only the front of your Identity Card showing your name and Identification     Card. Number is required
2. Only .gif File Format is allowed and the file size must be from 40k and not     more than 60k.
3. File name must only contain Alphanumeric Characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9).

Reminder: An e-Daftar application will be cancelled if complete documents are not received within 14 days from the date of application and an applicant must make a new application together with complete document.

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